International child rights institute

The International child rights institute is a Swiss private law foundation that carries out numerous awareness-raising activities to promote children's rights and enforce the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
It is a recognised training centre for children's rights for all professionals working for and with children in Switzerland and abroad, and a scientific centre solicited by numerous networks of experts and institutions working for the respect of children's rights.

The IDE has three main lines of action:
- Train professionals working with and for children, so that children's rights are better known, respected, and implemented.
- Raise public and professional awareness of the existence, content, and requirements of children's rights as defined in the Convention, its three Additional Protocols and other relevant international treaties and documents.
- The development of teaching materials and the publication of scientific papers.

Our courses

Humanities Law
International child rights institute

Our instructors

Yann Colliou

Yann Colliou is co-director of the International Child Rights Institute and lead the Terre des hommes Foundation Access to Justice Programme. He is an expert on children rights and child justice issues and has been strongly engaged in global advocacy on j…