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Swiss MOOC Service - a short overview

About Us

Swiss MOOC Service is the national Open edX course platform for institutions of higher education of Switzerland and is open for other organisations and corporations as well.  We are compatible with Swiss data protection laws and hosted in Switzerland.

We are a one stop shop to help Universities and other organisations kickstart their online education presence. Your courses can be published on our Swiss course platform or on your own dedicated course platform, as some of our early adaptors Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften or Fernfachhochschule Schweiz have done.

Learn more here: About Us

Swiss Hosted

We provide a state of the art IT-infrastructure to distribute MOOCs, which is compatible with Swiss data protection laws and hosted in Switzerland with SWITCHEngines.

Open edX Roots

We are based on the industry leading Open edX LMS platform with many advantages offered, including state of the art course planning management, Open Source access to source and ultra scalability to millions of learners.

Additional features are tailored to the needs of Universities. Our developers from EPFL and ETH work on adapting and extending functionalities of the platform to best serve the needs of our members.

Safe Exam Browser Compatible

We are compatible with Safe Exam Browser and can thus be deployed as a viable option for higher education learning institutions also for exams and issuance of certificates.

Content Creation and Course Outline

Swiss MOOC Service is helping to accelerate the online presence of Swiss HEIs by offering access to a community of MOOC creators with experience, training sessions and studios available.

See an example here: Content Creation

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    What People Say


    Lisa Messenzehl

    Mehr als MOOCs: Das Projekt Swiss MOOC Service lanciert eine Plattform für Online-Kurse.


    Konrad O. Jaggi

    The Swiss MOOC Service, a swissuniversities-sponsored service for the entire Swiss university landscape, launched in March this year. SWITCH provided the fundamental infrastructure through its academic cloud solution SWITCHengines.

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