Economics & Finance
This course is part of a project funded by the European Union on "Pensions in Europe".

Course Details

Language English
Duration 13 chapters
Effort 1 hr/chapter

Researchers at the University of Liechtenstein, in collaboration with the Free University of Bolzano and the Danish company Keylane A / S (formerly Schantz A / S), are developing two online courses aimed at bringing the subject of retirement provision and personal pension planning closer to the people of Europe. Especially the first course is intended for the general public and does not require any basic knowledge. The topics of old-age provision, pension systems and pension planning are being successively developed here by simple means. The learning materials in this course consist of short videos, texts, and 13 small apps designed to help understand the implications of more complex topics such as interest rates, interest rate changes, inflation, and more. In between, there are smaller comprehension questions that should help to document one's own learning progress. Each participant can personalize their learning progress and jump back (if necessary) at any time to work through crucial parts again.


All project details as well as information about involved persons, universities and companies can be found on our project homepage:

Course instructors

Alex Weissensteiner

Prof. Dr. Alex Weissensteiner ist mitverantwortlich für die Inhalte und didaktischen Konzepte dieses Online-Kurses und der Apps. Prof. Weissensteiner unterrichtet regelmässig Fächer wie Risikomanagement und Asset Management und forscht sowohl in den Berei…

Michael Hanke

Prof. Dr. Michael Hanke ist inhaltlich für den Kurs verantwortlich. Er ist die Stimme und treibende Kraft hinter den Videos, deren Inhalt und den zugehörigen Apps.

Prof. Hanke ist Lehrstuhlinhaber des Lehrstuhls für Finance an der Universität Liechtenste…

Sebastian Stöckl

Assistenzprofessor Dr. Sebastian Stöckl ist verantwortlich für die Erstellung der Online-Kurse, den Videoschnitt und unterstützt Prof. Hanke inhaltlich, insbesondere bei der Umsetzung der Apps.
Sebastian Stöckl hält sowohl einen PhD in Financial Economics …

University of Liechtenstein

The University of Liechtenstein was established in 1961 through the initiative of business and the State under the name “Abendtechnikum Vaduz”. It is funded by the State and various business organisations. In addition to the departments of Mechanical Engi…

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