Sima Fakheran

Dr. Sima Fakheran is Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. She is Vice President of International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE). She did an outstanding job in setting up the Iranian regional chapter of IALE and for promoting the science of landscape ecology in Iran. She is also President of IALE-Iran since 2012. Her research interests include: Landscape Pattern Change and its Impacts on Biodiversity, Ecological Impacts of Road Networks, Corridor Design, and Conservation Planning. She did her PhD at Universality of Zurich, Switzerland. Graduating from two different continents in different languages, environments and cultures; consulting many students, founding and working in several professional organizations; sitting on the board of directors for IALE-Iran, department of environmental sciences at Isfahan University of Technology, Director of Swiss desk as Leading house for developing academic cooperation between Iran and Switzerland; and many other environmental activities provided her with a unique set of skills to listen, understand, solution, plan, develope and deliver. She is passionate about helping organizations to foster development and innovations through international networking, communication and learning.

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