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Position yourself as a teacher in the Learning Analytics environment, understand the principles from the teacher perspective and have knowledge to apply it in your teaching practice.

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Language English
Duration 5 weeks
Effort 4 hours/week

Learning Analytics can provide teachers additional insights into their students' ways of learning (e.g., strengths or weaknesses). Existing systems showed that when teachers transform these insights into actions, it can improve student outcomes or their learning experience. Some teachers are aware of Learning Analytics, but they often do not know how to transform this information into actions and how this can contribute to students’ outcomes and their professional development. This gap limits the current usage of these systems. And that's why we designed this MOOC!
We aim to provide teachers with information and skills on how their instruction is mapped throughout the whole Learning Analytics cycle and how they can use Learning Analytics to improve support for their current or next learner groups. The teachers will also get familiar with basic methods, including their analytics literacy, and align their work with ethics and privacy standards.
Our goal is that teachers will gain knowledge that they will apply in their day-to-day work. The examples will cover mostly Higher Education with online elements; however, the learned principles can be applied by teachers across all learning contexts

Course instructors

Christof Imhof

Dr. Christof Imhof is a researcher at the Institute for Research in Open, Distance, and e-Learning at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (FFHS). He received his PhD at the University of Bern in the summer of 2022. His research focus lies on…

Dr. Ioan-Sorin Comsa

Ioan-Sorin Comsa received the Ph.D. degree from the Institute for Research in Applicable Computing, University of Bedfordshire, U.K., in June 2015. He is a Research Assistant with the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (FFHS). He was also invol…

Dr. Tansu Pancar

Tansu Pancar is a researcher in the institute for Research in Open-, Distance- and eLearning (IFeL) at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (FFHS), and of the UNESCO Chair on Personalised and Adaptive Distance Education. His research interest…

Prof. Per Bergamin

Per Bergamin is Professor for Didactics in Distance Education and E-Learning at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (FFHS). Since 2006 he acts as the Director of the Institute for Research in Open-, Distance- and eLearning (IFeL) and from 20…

Martin Hlosta

Martin Hlosta is a research fellow at the Institute for Distance Learning and eLearning Research (IFeL), working on projects for adaptive learning in education. Before that, he led OUAnalyse at the Open University, a project improving student retention vi…

Behnam Parsaeifard

Behnam Parsaeifard joined the Institute for Open, Distance and eLearning (IFeL) as a data scientist in November 2021. Prior to that, he had received his PhD in computational physics from the University of Basel and was a research intern at the Visual Inte…

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