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EPFL is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. The past decade has seen EPFL ascend to the very top of European institutions of science and technology: it is ranked #1 in Europe in the field of engineering by the Times Higher Education (based on publications and citations), Leiden Rankings, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities.
EPFL's main campus brings together 12,600 students, faculty, researchers, and staff in a high-energy, dynamic learning and research environment. It directs the Human Brain Project, an undertaking to simulate the entire human brain using supercomputers, in order to gain new insights into how it operates and to better diagnose brain disorders. The university is building Solar Impulse, a long-range solar-powered plane that aims to be the first piloted fixed-wing aircraft to circumnavigate the Earth using only solar power. EPFL was part of the Alinghi project, developing advanced racing boats that won the America's Cup multiple times. The university operates, for education and research purposes, a Tokamak nuclear fusion reactor. EPFL also houses the Musée Bolo museum and hosts several music festivals, including Balelec, that draws over 15,000 guests every year.
EPFL is a major force in entrepreneurship, with 2012 bringing in $100M in funding for ten EPFL startups. Both young spin-offs (like Typesafe and Pix4D) and companies that have long grown past the startup stage (like Logitech) actively transfer the results of EPFL's scientific innovation to industry.
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Johannes Gräff

Johannes Gräff was born and raised in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, in St. Gallen. After high school, he moved across the language boarder to the French-speaking University of Lausanne, where he completed his undergraduate studies. During those…

Juergen Brugger

Juergen is Professor in Microengineering and Materials Science at the School of Engineering at EPFL. He received his Ph.D. from University of Neuchatel, Switzerland. Before joining EPFL he had research assignments at Hitachi Research in Tokyo, IBM Researc…

Karen Zysman

Karen Zysman is a lecturer at the Construction and Conservation laboratory of the EPFL, ENAC School of Architecture. She is an architect (EPFL) and teaches in the 3rd year Design Studio on Housing, and in the Master-level course on History of Housing.

Klaus Schönenberger

Klaus Schönenberger spent over 10 years in the medical devices industry in leading positions. In 2009 he was shocked by the inequality in access to essential medical devices between industrialized and poor countries. He thus left the industry and went to …

Marc Soutter

Marc Soutter est ingénieur en sciences de l’environnement et docteur ès sciences techniques. Après des activités de recherche et d’enseignement, notamment à l’EPFL et à 2ie, dans les domaines des sciences du sol et de l’hydrologie, de la pollution de l’ai…

Marco Picasso

Marco Picasso est Professeur dans l'Institut MATHICSE de l'EPFL. Son domaine de recherche est la simulation numérique des équations aux dérivees partielles. Ses contributions vont de l'étude de la convergence de schémas numériques à la simulation numériqu…

Martin Eichler

Martin Eichler is Chief Economist and member of the Executive Board of BAK Economics AG. He is a regular public speaker with a strong presence in the Swiss and international media.

As Chief Economist at BAK Economics, he is responsible for quality of the…

Martin Gijs

Martin is Professor of Microsystems at the School of Engineering at EPFL. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Leuven, Belgium in 1986. After his Ph.D. and before joining EPFL in 1997, he was a researcher at the Philips Research Laborat…

Matthias Finger

Prof. Matthias Finger has been a Professor of Management of Network Industries at EPFL since 2002. As of 2010 he also directs the Transport Area of the Florence School of Regulation at the European University Institute. He holds a PhD in Political Science…

Maxime Audouin

Maxime Audouin holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, and a Master of Science in Energy Management from EPFL, Switzerland. He joined the Chair Management of Network Industries, in the College of Management of Technology at EPFL in 2015 …