Ina Homeier

Ina Homeier is an architect and has been working for the urban planning department of the City of Vienna since 1994. She was also responsible for land use and district planning (21st district) for several years. From 1998 to 2001 she worked at the Directorate-General for Research of the European Commission, where she was responsible for urban planning issues and research projects in the Key Action „The City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage“. In the autumn of 2001, she returned to the Viennese Municipal Department for Urban Development and Planning, where she focused on EU research projects. Later she moved to Portugal for several years, where she was acting partner in a Portuguese company. Since summer 2011, she has again been working for the Urban Planning department where she is Head of the Smart City unit and coordinates the smart city activities of the City of Vienna with regard to strategy and content. Several national and EU-funded projects have been implemented and Smart City applications have been supported under her watch. Since early 2013, she supervised the drawing-up pf the Smart City Wien Framework strategy that was adopted by the Viennese City Council in June 2014. At the moment she is working on the implementation of the first monitoring of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy. For many years, she has been nominated by the European Commission and national funding bodies as evaluator for project applications and for mid-term and final assessments of research projects.

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