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Yes, you can follow our Blog Posts which are regularly updated with new tutorial content here: Tutorials.

Follow our tutorial on video creation here: Video Tutorial


Swiss MOOC Service is build on top of SWITCHEngines infrastructure which is a federal collaborative hosting service for higher education institutions in Switzerland.

Your data – and your learners’ – is therefore always secure and protected by strict Swiss data protection laws, some of the highest standards in the world.

Swiss MOOC Service offers all the standard features of Open edX in addition to several new features our team has developed including:

  • Data Scientific approach to analytics on learner performance
  • Shared and co-branded catalog with all participating universities
  • Search engine with various novel taxonomy approaches
  • Jupyter Notebooks for Python development

About Swiss MOOC Service

Currently a total of 70 courses are foreseen to be added to the catalog in the coming months from the following partners:

Fill in the form below or go to our contact page here: Contact and fill in the form. We will then reach out and get you set up with a free trial.

Yes, we can host you on Swiss MOOC Service even if you’re not a university. Contact us via the form below or on the Contact page and discuss further.

Open edX documentation

An overview of creating an Open edX course, well suited for learners and with best practices, is available here: Open edX

You can follow the guides at Open edX here: Studio Guide — or you can get in contact with us using the contact form below to learn more about our partner infrastructure and studios, see more here: EPFL CEDE Studios.

Yes, we can help from giving best practices advice, to specifying and installing a micro studio using iPads and iPhones to specifying and implementing a full studio.

We can also help by having your team on EPFL’s campus and use our existing infrastructure. Please use the contact form for more information.

See more here – MOOC Production.

Yes, please see the official demonstration available here: Demonstration of Open edX possibilities.

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