A course platform hosted in Switzerland

We were born from the need by Swiss Universities to have their MOOCs hosted in cloud infrastructure while having their data protected by Swiss data protection laws and with the desire to have a not for profit entity running the operations of their MOOCs.

The platform is developed and maintained by the Swiss MOOC Service Association, founded by leading Swiss universities EPFL and ETH, and with initial support of USI, SUPSI, HES-SO and the Swissuniversities’ P5 program.

Our service is live and available. Interested public institutions or not-for-profit cooperations can join our national course platform or have dedicated private course platform by contacting SMS Association. 

Our people

Pierre Dillenbourg

Prof. dr Pierre Dillenbourg, EPFL


Gerd Kortemyer

Dr. Gerd Kortemeyer, ETHZ


Thomas Piendl

Dr. Thomas Piendl, ETHZ


Patrick Jermann

Dr. Patrick Jermann, EPFL


Oleg demakov

Oleg Demakov, EPFL

Technical suport

Olivier Scherler

Dr. Olivier Scherler, EPFL

Technical support

Christian Vonarburg

Christian Vonarburg, EPFL

Course development

Annechien Helsdingen

Dr. Annechien Helsdingen, EPFL

Client support

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